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Pin Ball > cruise control

Cruise Control

In this shooting game, you can choose to hide and avoid being shoot at.

(Played: 392)


Control your box shape tank to destroy obstacles

(Played: 539)

Sky Rider

Take control of your sky rider and fly through the levels collecting all the ...

(Played: 234)


This game is contrary to Pacman. You control the ghosts and your goal is to c...

(Played: 530)

Keep Your Cool

Control ADHD Doris and earn points in her stressful office cleaning job. Put ...

(Played: 321)

Driving Challenge

A challenge to the player's driving skills

(Played: 702)

Train Maze

The railway transportation is very busy. As the commander, you need to contro...

(Played: 518)

Poacher Patrol

Poaching in Africa is out of control and it is your job to get it back under ...

(Played: 349)

Crowd Control

Get ready to rock with Buddy Lee as you run crowd control at exciting concert...

(Played: 279)

Casse Dents

Casse Dents, a funny caries teeth breakout game Break the teeth with caries ...

(Played: 423)


Control the Van using mouse and try to reach the airport without crashing

(Played: 415)

Monster Dash

Trump is collecting CVs for the boss and needs your help to gather as many as...

(Played: 356)

New Car Net Racer

Control the car purely with mouse and cursor distance in this unique car raci...

(Played: 472)

Breakout Crusher Classics

Breakout Crusher Classics, a brick breaker game with a friction paddle. A ne...

(Played: 495)

Infect Evolve Repeat

Control and evolve the virus to infect more red blood cell

(Played: 370)


Use Arrow keys to control the bike. To win this game, you have to finish firs...

(Played: 527)


Use the mouse to control the fighter jet and shoot the enemies

(Played: 426)

Dragon Warriors

Control the red Indian character to destroy evil and restore freedom to the l...

(Played: 222)

Space Explorer

Control and guide your ship to landing pads. You have limited fuel and you ha...

(Played: 279)

Championship Cock Fighters

Cock fighting! Control and beat the opposing cock

(Played: 283)


A platform shooting game when you control a cartoon soldier.

(Played: 524)

Panda Ping Pong

Control your Panda and play Ping Pong against the opposing Panda

(Played: 291)

World of Confusion

Take control of your pencil and draw bridges, ramps and barriers to successfu...

(Played: 266)


Control alloy to attack the enemies. Find out about combo move for maximum da...

(Played: 402)

Bugs Are Coming

Move your mouse to control the ball

(Played: 253)

Grave Yard

Control your skeleton character to fight other skeleton in the grave yard

(Played: 277)

Flash Tank

Control the power and angle to eliminate the enemy tank.

(Played: 295)

Space Dude

This is a platform shooting game - control your character and kill the space ...

(Played: 336)

2D Knock Out

Control the mouse to punch your enemy.

(Played: 506)

Amazing Golf Pro1

Another mini golf with qeird control

(Played: 863)

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